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The sixth edition of the project series Tourists in the Rain the MSD under the project management of Felix Scheinberger and Rüdiger Quass von Deyen. This time the excursion went to the Portuguese capital. On site, we explored the Portuguese history and culture of the coastal city and translated our impressions into writing and design in a jointly developed newspaper.

Cover concept and photography by me - the tiles are orginally from a house in Porto.

Created in 2017 with Franziska Baxpöhler, Paul Eslage, Nicole Braisch, Veronica Broll, Steffen Ermert, Hanna Harms, Tobias Kaiser, Rike Neuhoff, Malin Neumann, Svea Öhlschläger, Franziska Schmidt, Konstantin Schulze, Sarah Stemmler , Adrian Szymanski and Christina S. Zhu


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