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The Life of the Bloomsbury Group

The Bloomsbury Group orBloomsberries, as they called themselves, was a growing circle of friends made up of artists and writers in the early 20th century in Londons Bloomsbury district.


They were connected by common values – they shed oppressive conventions early on and shaped their lives far away from social norms.

In addition to her unconventional private life, which is characterized by complicated (bisexual)

shaped by triangular relationships, they laid the foundation for cultural modernism in Great Britain with their literary and artistic work.

Britain, with Virginia Woolf as the most famous representative.


The connections to the artistic avant-garde in Paris are also fascinating; Picasso and Matisse exhibited them for the first time in Great Britain. The Bloomsbury circle became the center of British bohemianism - 100 years later they are still as provocative as they are fascinating.


Bachelor thesis 2019 from the Münster School of Design

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